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The 46' Steel Trawler Yacht


46' Trawler Yacht
Exterior Profile | Deck Plan | Interior Profile | Interior Plan | Mech Profile | Mech Plan
Perspective Aft | Perspective Side | Perspective Forward
Perspective Aft Transparent | Tank Layout Perspective

General Concept

As with the 43' Far Horizon, the design objective for the motor yacht Far Horizon 46 has been to create an all-ocean vessel with a generous interior having two private cabins. Another objective has been to take advantage of the readily available four cylinder marine diesel engines.

The Far Horizon 46 has an interior layout that's very similar to that of the Greatheart 48. In the image above we see that the bow profile of the Greatheart 48 has been retained, but has been combined with a fantail type of stern characteristic of my tug-yacht designs. This is the perfect stern shape for a metal boat, being both classic and highly functional..!

Although the model shown here has been given bilge keels, they are not a requirement. The bilge keels as shown will however be ideal for taking the ground upright, and will provide added roll attenuation both at anchor and under way.

Particulars of the Far Horizon 46 are:


Engine choices are plentiful among the 4 cylinder marine diesels that are available worldwide. Power requirements will be in the range of around 110 hp to 125 hp. In this power range the four cylinder John Deere 4045 TFM would be very suitable. Other engine choices that would suit the vessel include the Perkins M130C six cylinder naturally aspirated diesel, or the Deutz BF4M1013M four cylinder diesel.

Hull speed is around 8.5 knots. Range is planned to be around 2,000 NM at a voyaging speed 7 knots, assuming a 12% reserve. Range can be increased easily, since there is plenty of room for added diesel tankage, simply by re-dedicating the integral water tank amidships. See the 3-D Tank Model which clarifies the layout of the tanks (brown is diesel, blue is water).

Far Horizon 46 - A Trawler Yacht by Kasten Marine Design, Inc.


As compared to the Greatheart 48, the Far Horizon 46 has nearly the same WL length, but has slightly shorter ends, slightly greater beam, and increased displacement. These changes have been introduced in order to make use of steel for the hull, deck and house structures, yet to make use of a very similar interior.

The Interior Layout is optimized for a couple with two children, or for a couple with guests. The spare sleeping cabin is aft, having two quarter berths and a big desk on center aft. The Far Horizon 46 Pilot House has forward facing seats and ample space for a table and pilot chair. Below, the galley is located to starb'd and a large dinette and table are opposite, to port. Forward of that, the layout is similar to that of the GH-48, having a head, shower, and forward stateroom that is more or less the same.

With a large flush fore-deck, there is plenty of room in the accommodation space below forward. On the aft deck there is an aft-facing seat which creates headroom within the aft cabin. The aft deck seat is an ideal spot for fishing or wake-watching... arranged with a table it will be the perfect spot for on-deck dining.


The intent is to keep the systems simple, so they are easy to maintain, and first cost is kept within bounds. There will be a controllable pitch propeller system - possibly the most exotic system onboard - although not really... See my article on Controllable Pitch for clarification. In Scandinavia, controllable pitch propellers are very well accepted - in fact they are the norm, with fixed pitch being a distant second..!

Other systems onboard include a Kabola heating and hot water system, helm-pump manual over hydraulic steering, autopilot, bow thruster, hydraulic anchor windlass, electric shore boat winches, and the usual array of navigation electronics. The electrical system is planned to take advantage of either 50hz or 60hz shore power current, with a transformer to permit any shore power voltage with constant voltage being supplied onboard.

Simple as well is the rig... In fact, there isn't one...! Stabilization with the bilge fin keels will be quite adequate for the kind of cruising envisioned, i.e. that of canal cruising and inland waters, with occasional excursions offshore from one cruising venue to another. True to her design name however, the The Far Horizon is quite capable of worldwide voyaging, including a circumnavigation. Those who might favor such an ambition will usually add a paravane rig, although certainly active stabies would be an option instead of the fixed bilge fin keels.


The Far Horizon is quite a capable mid-size trawler yacht design - equally at home on the briny sea as on a smooth canal traverse. The layout is ideal for a couple with young children, or to accommodate guests. In steel, there is no question of strength and ruggedness for whatever task may be asked of the vessel. And to combine this all in a lovely fantail cruiser brings a measure of elegance to the whole affair.

In my view, an ultimately successful combination..! For more information, please inquire.

Far Horizon 46 - A Trawler Yacht by Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Exterior Profile | Deck Plan | Interior Profile | Interior Plan | Mech Profile | Mech Plan
Perspective Aft | Perspective Side | Perspective Forward
Perspective Aft Transparent | Tank Layout Perspective

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