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The Classic Trawler-Yacht

Roberta Jean 47

47' Trawler Yacht - Roberta Jean - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Perspective Aft | Perspective Forward | Portside Perspective Aft
Portside Cutaway Forward | Portside Cutaway Aft

Copyright 2008 Michael Kasten

General Concept

The 47' Roberta Jean is an expanded version of the 43' Roberta Jean layout. The hull form of the RJ 47 is very much the same, only slightly wider and with another 4 feet of overall length in order to allow a full second cabin to be located aft.

Overall height is kept under 3.5 meters in order to also allow cruising the canals of Europe.

Roberta Jean's particulars are:


As with the RJ 43, the Roberta Jean 47 has a covered aft deck for part-time outdoor living. The aft deck can be screened in or enclosed by a canvas / vinyl dodger in cooler weather. A large open fore deck allows plenty of space for sun tan adventures and for stowing gear on the flat "cargo platform" forward. A small shore boat can be stowed on the fore deck.  An RIB can be stowed on the house top, nested in between the legs of the "A-Frame" mast.

Inside, the layout is exactly the same as with the 43' Roberta Jean, except that the additional 4 feet of length allows there to be a second sleeping cabin aft, below the pilot house dinette. By studying the interior layout of the 43' Roberta Jean as well as the 47 footer's Portside Cutaway Forward and Portside Cutaway Aft, the space made available for the second sleeping cabin can be readily discerned.  The aft cabin arrangement is planned to be the same as that in the 46' Far Horizon and the 48' Greatheart (keeping in mind that the pilot house would be arranged as in the 46' Far Horizon, and the layout below forward would be as in the 43' Roberta Jean).

As with the RJ 43, the galley is quite large, occupying a generous part of the port side aft. There is a large head / shower opposite the galley to starb'd complete with its own bath tub.  The covered aft deck is for outdoor living, complete with bench seat / spare berth, table and movable chairs.  The aft deck can be enclosed with screens or vinyl / canvas to accommodate a variety of seasons.


The choice of aluminum for the structure has been to keep structural weights as low as possible, yet very rugged. All parts are intended to be NC cut by water jet or router. The NC cutting process leverages the work that has already been done to create the computerized model. In other words, structure can be easily defined directly from the surface model of the hull and superstructure. The resulting "boat kit" makes for fast and accurate assembly. Once the parts have been pre-cut and delivered, the frames and other internal structure are quickly erected, the stringers placed, and the plating applied.


The engine intended is a John Deere 4045 TFM, mated to a Sabb controllable pitch gear and Helseth or Nogva self-contained shaft system having a three blade controllable pitch propeller.

These days with fuel costs varying wildly, there is much to be said for introducing a sail rig...! It would not be at all difficult to provide a modified keel to optimize sailing ability, and certainly the hull form is very conducive to carrying sail.  The keel and rig would be arranged as on the 43' White Buffalo (an otherwise nearly identical sister ship to the 43' Roberta Jean).

As such, the sail rig would be fully "sail" capable, i.e. not a 50-50 motor-sailor, but a fully 100% motor AND sailing vessel. Please see our article on the advantages of Motor Sailing for more information on this concept.

In Summary

For a couple seeking a comfortable life afloat, the 47' Roberta Jean combines all of the basic necessities with the luxury of a spacious and un-crowded interior. The addition of a second cabin aft allows plenty of room for two kids or for two guests, as the case may be.

For more information on these vessels, please contact us...

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Direct Quote from an aluminum boat owner... As an owner since 5 years of an aluminum boat I could not agree more with your preference for this material. She is a great boat and requires very little in the way of maintenance. I do a lot more reef snorkeling than the paint, polish, varnish and wax guys!

--Peter Kminek