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The Trawler Yacht


Far Horizon 40 - A Trawler Yacht by Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Perspective Aft | Side View | Perspective Forward

General Concept

The design objective here has been to create an all-ocean vessel that will accommodate a couple in comfort for permanent living aboard. The Far Horizon 40 is planned around an interior layout similar to the Roberta Jean 43 - but on a shorter overall length and using a different hull form. The bow profile of the Far Horizon series provides excellent sea-keeping, especially when combined with a fantail stern. This is the perfect transom for a metal boat, both classic and highly functional.

Particulars of the Far Horizon 40 are:


Engine choices are plentiful among the many 4 cylinder marine diesels that are available. For example, the four cylinder John Deere would be perfect. Hull speed will be around 8 knots. Range under power for the majority of my trawler yacht designs is usually planned to be around 3,000 NM at a voyaging speed in knots equal to approximately 1.15 times the square root of the WL length - in feet. In this case, right around 7 knots.


The proposed Interior Profile and Interior Plan views reveal a layout optimized for a couple to live aboard in comfort. Guests are accommodated on the saloon settees, one of which can be arranged to pull out in order to form a cozy double. Kids or guests who are not too tall can be accommodated in the pilot house, with the table top lowered to seat-level.

On the aft deck there is an aft-facing seat - an ideal spot for fishing or wake-watching... or if arranged with a table, the perfect spot for on-deck dining. Substantial bulwarks surround the side and aft decks. As always, a robust welded pulpit will surround the aft deck, and welded stanchions and lifelines will surround the forward deck.

The proposed Deck Plan would be similar to that on the Roberta Jean 43, with a large flush fore-deck. In this case however, the choice has been made to place the aft and side decks at the height of the top of the rub-rail. With the deck slightly higher than on the RJ-43, the aft and side decks are not covered. This arrangement was chosen in order to provide maximum sea-keeping. With greater buoyancy aft, with less enclosed space within the bulwarks in case green water is shipped, and with much less overall windage, this configuration is well suited to brave heavy weather without any fuss.

For more information about the Far Horizon 40 or any of the other designs in this series, please inquire.

Far Horizon 40 - A Trawler Yacht by Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Perspective Aft | Side View | Perspective Forward

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