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Metal Boat Society

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The Metal Boat Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, design, and building of metal boats. If you join the MBS you get the new Metal Boat Quarterly automatically.

I was editor of the Metal Boat Quarterly from Fall 1994 to Fall 2000. During my tenure as editor of the Metal Boat Quarterly (1994 to 2000) my specific focus was to provide accurate, up-to-date information on designing, building, and maintaining metal boats of all kinds, and in general on metals in the marine environment, and to include the writings of professional boat designers and professional boat builders to the maximum extent possible. My goal was to include content that would appeal not only to amateur boat builders, but also to professional builders and yacht designers - in other words, to focus on the "big picture" rather than just the nuts and bolts of backyard boatbuilding.

Under 'revolving' editorship since the Fall of 2000, the focus of the Current Metal Boat Quarterly has shifted back to being oriented more toward the interests of the amateur 'back yard' metal boat builder.

Check out the Metal Boat Quarterly Index which lists the contents of MBQ issues #1 through #23. Also see several of the Editorials that appeared in those MBQ issues. A number of those back issues are available directly from the Metal Boat Society.

Please check out the 1999 MBS Festival Poster, an excellent metal boat graphic prepared by Joaquin Silva.

Links to Metal Boat Society web pages that have been hosted by Kasten Marine Design since 1998 are as follows:

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