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The 60' Fast Sailing Catamaran


60' Fast Sailing Catamaran - GEMINI
Side View Aft | Portside View | Lines Perspective

Copyright 2003 - 2010 Michael Kasten

General Concept

Here is a prototype composite or aluminum fast sailing cat intended for ocean sailing. The overall notion is that this would be an ideal hull form for two couples, each having identical accommodation spaces below, plus comfortable shared spaces in the wheel house and on deck. The idea here is to have generous spaces, rather than to crowd a larger number of people into a lot of little spaces...!

A dedicated inside steering station is planned within the forward house, located on center forward. The house also will contain a large galley and wrap-around settee. A companionway on center aft will lead up and aft to the cockpit.

Inside, to port and starb'd two companionways lead below into each hull where there will be twin sleeping cabins forward, each having a private head. The sleeping cabins will each have a king size berth, located amidships within the bridge between the hulls, rather than down in the hulls. This is intended to keep the sleepers comfortable in a location where there is the least rolling and pitching motion, and to also allow a view from the berth. Within each hull will be built in cabinets and a walkway leading forward to a "walk through" closet / bureau / dressing area, then forward to a private head.

Forward of each head compartment in each hull is a watertight bulkhead, and beyond that a forepeak for storage, accessed from the deck.

The engines are located in aft of amidships in each hull, and will make use of V-drive gears. Aft of the engine space in each hull is a generous lazarette containing the steering rams and light weight storage. The large aft cockpit area is planned for fair weather "hanging out" and dining, as well as being the primary helm area while sailing.

This hull form is intended for fast sailing. For more moderate sailing or to accommodate greater displacement, the hull form would be revised in order to have less immersed transom area and a slightly deeper mid-body, with each hull slightly wider.

The keel bulbs are a possibility in order to get the ballast low, however they are not a requirement. The bulbs could become "wings" to act as end plates for each keel, or could be eliminated altogether.

The rig is planned as a high aspect cutter rig, or alternately as a ketch rig of more modest height. In either case, the sails would ideally be battened in order have a generous roach and somewhat elliptical profile.

Preliminary hydrostatics for the 60' GEMINI shown above are as follows:

As with any other prototype design among these web pages, the GEMINI 60 can be enlarged or made smaller to suit one's preferences. For example, below is an image and a few links to illustrate a smaller version at 40' overall length.

40' Fast Sailing Catamaran - GEMINI 40
Fastcat 40 Aft Perspective | Fastcat 40 Portside Perspective

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