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A 33' Ketch For Voyaging


33' Fantail Ketch - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Copyright 2004 Michael Kasten

The Concept

This design was developed as a prototype in two versions - one with a full keel, and one with a cruising fin / skeg hung rudder combination (see below). Both are shown here... Planned primarily for comfortable and safe ocean voyaging, as well as excellent performance, aluminum construction has been chosen for its combination of strength and lightness.

The Interior

The interior layout is planned to be very much like the 36' ketch Grace. An interior view of Grace can be seen here.

The Hull Form

The single chine hull form was chosen on the basis of its simplicity, economy of construction and for good performance under sail. Hull surfaces are fully developable for maximum ease of plating.

The profile illustrates a nicely balanced spoon-bow, fantail-stern ketch. Particulars are: 33' LOA x 28.44' LWL x 10' Beam x 4' Draft. With a design displacement of 11,000 lb, the Fantail 33 is quite light for her length. Both keel configurations are intended to provide an ideal combination of windward ability and excellent tracking at sea.

The after-deck is raised in order to give more storage room in the lazarette as well as more leg room for quarter berths. The main benefit to the raised afterdeck is increased reserve buoyancy aft for a much more dry experience at sea...!

The Rig

The ketch rig works well for ocean cruising and provides a generous sail area. The Fantail 33 makes use of the same rig as the 36' ketch, Grace. The mizzen mast provides a good hand-hold when emerging from the companionway. The mizzen mast serves as the compass binnacle, and an awning can be spread over the mizzen boom.

The ketch rig provides quite a number of well-balanced sail combinations. The main and the stays'l when used alone have nearly the same balance as the whole sail plan, and will allow easy tacking in close quarters. The boat will also tack easily with only the mains'l set. Another equally well balanced combination is just the mizzen and the jib, to keep the foredeck clear while stowing the ground tackle - appropriate for getting under way from an anchorage.

One of the excellent benefits of the ketch rig as it is drawn is the manageable size of the sails. The mains'l - the largest sail - is well inboard where it can be handled safely and easily.

33' Fantail Ketch - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.